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Trademarks & Copyrights

Research & Development

Right from the inception of STRUCT CADD SECTOR in 1992, continuous Research and Development activities are being carried out to standardize the features that should be incorporated in all software solutions offered to the society of Civil & Structural Engineering Design.

The various R&D activities include areas such as fully automated Structural Drafting & Detailing, Intuitive User Interfaces with truly innovative features, standardization of efficient data structures for day-to-day programming tasks, efficient and fast graphics in 2D and 3D, AI-based data validation, data structures for finite element techniques and numerous highly optimized mathematical algorithms.

An Object Oriented Application Framework, code-named SCADDSapp , was developed for superfast development of Engineering Software solutions.

Our 2nd Generation products are based on a thoroughly upgraded SCADDSapp-II Framework . These products include Analysis Suite!, Building Estimator and Nucleus.

Industry Integration

While research and development are handled by the SCADDS Core Team based in India & USA, product sales is through a Distribution Channel headed by practicing Civil & Structural Engineers in India.

Our Training Programs are currently handled by our Channel Partners in their respective regions.

To align well with the business interests of our Customers, we are not offering Structural Design Consulting Services any more.

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SCADDS RC-Design Suite!

  • SCADDS RC-Beam Designer
  • SCADDS RC-Slab Designer
  • SCADDS RC-Column Designer
  • SCADDS RC-Footing Designer
  • SCADDS RC-Stair Designer

SCADDS RC-Drafting Suite!

  • SCADDS RC-Beam Drafter/Detailer
  • SCADDS RC-Slab Drafter/Detailer
  • SCADDS RC-Column Drafter/Detailer
  • SCADDS RC-Footing Drafter/Detailer
  • SCADDS RC-Stair Drafter/Detailer
  • SCADDS RC-Draft Manager

SCADDS Building Estimator

  • SCADDS Quantity Estimator
  • SCADDS Item Scheduler
  • SCADDS Rate Manager
  • SCADDS Tender Analyst

SCADDS Bridge SuperCAD

  • SCADDS Bridge Superstructure Analyst
  • SCADDS Bridge Superstructure Designer

SCADDS Analysis Suite!

  • SCADDS Continuous Beam Analyst
  • SCADDS 2D Frame Analyst

WHAT-NEXT? Advisor

WHAT-IF? Explorer

WHY? Narrator


SCADDS Nucleus

  • SCADDS 3D Analysis Suite!
  • SCADDS Frame Generator
  • SCADDS RC-Section Optimizer
  • SCADDS Layout Drafter
  • SCADDS Floor Drafter/Detailer
  • SCADDS Bar Bending Scheduler
  • SCADDS Bar Notation Manager
  • SCADDS CAD Exporter
  • SCADDS Plot Manager
  • SCADDS e-Doc Manager
  • SCADDS e-Binder
  • SCADDS Quest
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