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Fully integrated Modules make your life super easy!

Incorporates all applicable provisions from:

IS: 456 – 2000, Amendments 1 to 5 (2019), Reaffirmed 2021
IS: 875 (Parts 1, 2 & 5), Reaffirmed 2018
IS: 875 (Part 3) – 2015, Amendments 1 & 2 (2020)
IS: 1893 (Part 1) – 2016, Amendments 1 & 2 (2020)
IS: 4326 – 2013, Amendment 1 (2014), Reaffirmed 2018
IS: 13920 – 2016, Amendments 1 & 2 (2020)
IS: 1786, Reaffirmed 2018, Amendments 1 to 5 (2019)
IS: 2502, Reaffirmed 2018
IS: 1904, Reaffirmed 2015
SP: 34 – 1987, Amendment 1 (1989)

Now available as PRO and STD versions.

22 Program Modules

  • SCADDS 3D Analysis Suite!™
  • SCADDS Load Generator for Dead, Live, Wind & Seismic Loads
  • SCADDS Frame Generator™ to create numerous 3D Geometry Profiles
  • SCADDS RC-Beam Designer™
  • SCADDS RC-Slab Designer™
  • SCADDS RC-Column Designer™
  • SCADDS RC-Footing Designer™
  • SCADDS RC-Stair Designer™
  • SCADDS RC-Section Optimizer™ (PRO)
  • SCADDS Layout Drafter™ for Beams, Floors, Columns, Footings
  • SCADDS RC-Draft Manager™
  • SCADDS RC-Beam Detailer™
  • SCADDS RC-Floor Detailer™
  • SCADDS RC-Column Detailer™
  • SCADDS RC-Footing Detailer™
  • SCADDS RC-Stair Detailer™
  • SCADDS Bar Notation Manager™
  • SCADDS Bar Bending Scheduler™ (PRO)
  • SCADDS Plot Manager to assemble Multiple Views (PRO)
  • 100% Automated SCADDS CAD Exporter
  • SCADDS Quest™ for Quantity Estimation (PRO)
  • SCADDS e-Doc Manager™ with e-Binder™ for generating and compiling Reports

The Features are Endless…

Powerul GUI Features

  • Efficient, Intuitive, highly User-friendly and Consistent User Interface with State-of-the-art User Interaction Components.
  • An Intelligent WHATNEXT? Advisor.
  • A WHY? Narrator for Error Isolation and Resolution.
  • Intelligent Data Acceptance Mechanism, INTELLI-Validator prompting the User for structured, schematic and error free input.
  • Automatic Pre-Processing and Post-Processing facilitating Minimum User Input.
  • Built-in Databases for Standard Input Parameters.
  • Extensive, Context-Sensitive, Help System with an exhaustive Topic Index.
  • Modular and Highly Structured Code using the SCADDS Framework.
  • Efficient use of Memory through Dynamic Memory Management.
  • Easy Keyboard Access to Commands through Accelerators.
  • Default Startup and Auto-Loading of Projects.
  • Auto-saving of Desktop Settings, Window Sizes and Positions and all other User Preferences.
  • Floating and Docking Toolbars & Menu Themes.
  • Efficient, Plug-n-Play Software Security System facilitating quick & easy installation on any Latop/PC.
  • Fully explained Quick Start Tutorials, Features Guide and Setup Guide.
  • Multimedia-based Tutorials.

Display Features

  • Wire Frame and Shaded Views.
  • Support for Fast Shade, Smooth Shade and Rendered Views.
  • 3D Orbit command to view the model from any direction.
  • 3D Structure Animation and Walkthroughs.
  • One-click Display of Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections.
  • Standard 3D Views in Isometric and Perspective Modes.
  • Easily work with the 3D Model, directly in the rendered view, so that the User can more accurately perform the modelling as well as visualize the structure in its entirety.
  • Display of Loading Diagrams under each Load Case & Load Combination.
  • 3D Deflection Animation.
  • Optional display of Member Numbers, Member Lengths, Member Sizes, Node Numbers, Loads, Supports, and so on.
  • Optional display of Bending Moment, Shear Force & Deflection Diagrams for only Selected Members.
  • Optional display of Bending Moments, Shear Forces, Deflections, etc., under each Load Case and Load Combination.
  • Display of Maximum Force Envelopes for each member with values at various intervals, along the length of the member.
  • Customization of all diagrams for Color, Font, Fill Pattern, etc.
  • Facility to Print various Diagrams as well as all displayed Views.
  • Saving and Restoring user-defined Views.
  • Facility to Export various Diagrams to Popular Image Formats.
  • Facility to Export Animations to standard Video Formats.
  • Facility to open additional View Ports for various Structure Diagrams for quicker switching, viewing & printing.
  • Facility to create, maintain and switch Desktop Color Schemes.

Modeling Features

  • Fastest On-screen 2D/3D modeling facility for Frames of any profile, including Multi-story Buildings, Industrial Sheds,Water Tanks Frames, Portal Frames, Grid Floors, Stadia Frames and so on.
  • A Unique, Quick Start Project Wizard to generate numerous geometry configurations within just seconds.
  • Feature to import 2D/3D Models directly from an open AutoCAD file.
  • Construction Grid & Snap options for Model Editor at every Floor Level.
  • Copy, Stretch, Move, Rotate, Array and Mirror commands for faster Modelling.
  • Easily Split Members by inserting Nodes.
  • Easily copy and paste Structure Geometry with or without Loads, Material Characteristics, Member Properties, etc.
  • Easily copy and paste Loads, Material Characteristics and Member Properties from existing Nodes and/or Members.
  • Direct modeling support for Horizontal or Sloped Rectangular, Trapezoidal, Triangular Slab Panels as well as Cantilever Slabs.
  • Direct modeling support for Full or Partial Walls as well as Regular or Tapered Walls with/without Joinery.
  • A Powerful Joinery Manager to define and use Doors, Windows, Ventilators and Openings in Walls.
  • Easily provide Wall Offsets on Supporting Beams.
  • Easily provide Slab Level Offsets on Supporting Beams so that Sunken Slabs can be accurately created.
  • Built-in Frame Generator for generating various geometric patterns within seconds and attaching to existing model.
  • Command Prompt and Command History Window for quick navigation.
  • Facility for Command Customization.
  • Parent Materials such as Concrete, Steel, Timber, Aluminum and any User-defined Material.
  • Member Section Manager to create numerous Sectional Shapes that can be used for any type of structure.
  • Section Library Manager to create and maintain unlimited Member Sections of various Shapes using various types of Parent Materials such as Concrete, Steel, Aluminum, Timber, etc.
  • Node and Member Filter Options based on Geometry, Material, Section, Loads and their combinations based on the entire Structure or selected Nodes/Members.
  • Easy Node selection and Member selection Tools.
  • Real-time Zoom and Pan options. Various Zoom options including Window, Scale, In, Out, Extents, Previous, etc.
  • Structure Node/Member Renumbering options.
  • Intelligent and Context Sensitive Right-Click menus for easy command access and execution.
  • Optional Display of Grid with Rulers.
  • Feature to edit data in the Data Table for Nodal Coordinates, Member Connectivity, Loads & Supports.
  • Auto-highlighting of data in table during various on-screen operations.
  • Hundreds of predefined and Ready-to-use Sections in Section Library Manager.
  • Object Snap features while drawing members such as End Node, Midpoint, Perpendicular, etc.
  • Several Model Querying commands including Distance, Length, ID, Angle, Properties, etc.
  • A powerful Snap Shot Manager to take snap shots of whatever is displayed.  These snap shots can be directly printed or integrated into the Reports.

Construction Grid & Level Manager

  • Easily Create, Activate, Modify and Remove various types of Construction Grids.
  • Easily Create, Modify and Remove Floor Levels.
  • Auto-Snap Feature for Grid Points.
  • Automatic Creation of Grids while using Model Generation Wizards.
  • Easily Create Userdefined Grids & Levels interactively.

Model Verification Features

  • Verification of Total Structural Integrity.
  • Easily detect & delete Duplicate Nodes.
  • Easily detect & delete Duplicate Members.
  • Easily detect Orphan Nodes.
  • Easily detect Members Crossing Nodes.
  • Easily detect mutually Crossing Members.
  • Easily verify Member Connectivity.
  • Easily verify Slab Supports and Wall Supports.

Loading Features

  • Unlimited Primary Load Cases.
  • Unlimited Load Combinations.
  • Automatic Self Weight Calculation option.
  • Automatic Load Transfer from Slabs to Supporting Beams.
  • Automatic Wall Load Transfer to Supporting Beams.
  • Automatic Generation of Wind Loads.
  • Automatic Generation of Seismic Loads including nodal mass.
  • User-defined Concentrated Nodal & Member Loads and Moments.
  • User-defined Full or Partial Uniformly Distributed Loads, Triangular Loads and Trapezoidal Loads.
  • User-defined Parabolically Distributed Loads.
  • 6 User-defined Load Types and over 35 Loading Patterns.
  • Application of Loads in Global or Local X, Y & Z Directions.
  • Easily switch between various Load Cases and Combinations.
  • Automatic Generation of Load Combinations.
  • Automatic Generation of Yield Line Patterns to display Slab-wise and Beam-wise Load Distribution under each Load Case.
  • Feature to quickly Exclude or Delete Loads from selected or all Members & Nodes from different Load Cases.
  • Feature to Auto-Create Primary Loads and Load Combinations in a Single step, if they are not already created.

Analysis Features

  • Unique and first-of-its-kind Software Architecture which Guarantees Modelling & Analysis of any 3D or 2D Frame, Simple, Intuitive and Fast.
  • Ultra-fast, Linear Static 3D Analysis Engine.
  • Finite Beam Element-based Accurate Analysis Algorithms.
  • Various Support Types with User-defined Restraint options.
  • Completely Flexible Use of SI, MKS and FPS Units of Measurement to suit your custom needs.

RC Design Features

  • Full Integration with Analysis for Design of Beams, Slabs, Columns, Footings and Stair Slabs.
  • Design as per Limit State Method, in accordance with IS:456-2000.
  • Optional Column Load Reduction Feature, in case of Multi-storyed Buildings.
  • Fully Automatic, Semi-Interactive and Fully Interactive Design Modes for maximum flexibility and control.
  • Point & Click Design Feature to quickly assess Section and RC Design Features.
  • Previewing Reinforcement requirements for selected Beams, Slabs, Columns, Footings and Stair Slabs, before finalizing the member sizes.
  • Automatic Revision of Member Sizes, based on User-defined Constraints, if given sizes are inadequate.
  • Color Coding in 3D Wire Frame and Rendered Views to highlight Safe, Unsafe, Not-Designed and Invalid Members, after the Design Phase is completed.
  • Quick Summary on Design of Members.
  • Detailed Reports on Design of Members, citing all relevant Codal Provisions.
  • Automatic Selection of Member Size and Reinforcement from Critical Load Cases and Combinations.
  • Direct Integration for Detailing and fully Automatic Generation of Bar Bending Schedules with optional Ductile Detailing.
  • Easily Group Members having identical size and reinforcement.
  • Integrated Member Section Optimization.
  • Choice of Multiple Rod Sizes and Steel Grades.
  • Automatic Detection of No. of Steel Layers based on Clear Gap between Rods as per Codes as well as User’s choice.
  • Automatic Validation of Minimum & Maximum Steel Area, Steel Percentage, Rod Spacing, etc.
  • Auto Round-Off Feature for Lengths, Section Sizes, Rod Nos., Rod Spacing, etc., subject User-defined Constraints.

RC Optimization Features

  • Full Control over Section Optimization with User-defined Constraints, based on Practical Construction Requirements.
  • Optimization of Member Sections for Beams, Slabs, Columns, Footings and Stair Slabs.
  • Optional Automatic Reduction of Member Sizes, if given size is more that what is required.

Floor Analysis, Design & Detailing Features

  • Automatic Calculation of Self-weight of Slabs.
  • Direct Application of Live Loads for various types of Buildings & Floors, Floor Finish Loads and other Filling Loads.
  • Facility to define Sunken Slabs within the Floor.
  • Design of the entire Floor, at each Floor Level.
  • Design of RC Floors comprising of Rectangular, Trapezoidal and Triangular Slabs with various Support Conditions.
  • Horizontal or Inclined Slab Panels.
  • Fully Integrated Analysis, Design, Detailing and Quantity Estimation of Floors.
  • Floor-wise and Slab-wise Display of Yield Line Patterns.

Drafting & Detailing Features

  • Truly Professional Drawings, generated with absolutely no User Interaction.
  • Direct Drawing Generation and Plotting Support using proprietary SCADDS Drafting & Detailing Engine.
  • Support for AutoCAD® as well as any other CAD program.
  • Fully Automatic Generation of Drawings after Analysis & Design.
  • Generation of Footings Layouts.
  • Generation of Column Layouts at each Level.
  • Generation of Beam and Slab Layouts at each Level.
  • Generation of Frame or Section Layouts along each Grid Line.
  • Fully Automatic Detailing of Continuous Beams.
  • Fully Automatic Detailing of Multi-story Columns.
  • Fully Automatic Detailing of all Floors.
  • Fully Automatic Detailing of Isolated/Combined Footings.
  • Fully Automatic Detailing of Staircase Slabs.
  • Generation of Drawings to any Scale Factor.
  • Fully Automatic Dimensions, Drawing Annotations and Sub-titles.
  • Fully Automatic Generation of Bar Bending Schedules.
  • Support for Ductile Detailing as per IS: 13920.
  • Automatic Calculation of Development Lengths, Curtailments and Laps with Dimensioning.
  • A Very Powerful Bar Notation Manager with infinite possibilities for Annotations and Bar Tags.
  • Complete Customization of Entity Colors, Thickness, Dimension Styles, Fonts, etc.
  • A powerful Plot Manager to easily assemble Multiple Drawings or Views onto a Single Sheet for Direct Plotting as well as Exporting the same to AutoCAD® or any other CAD program.

Quantity Estimation Features

  • Automatic Generation of Quantities for all Structural as well as Non-structural Elements in the Model.
  • Storey-wise and Member-wise Quantity Reports on Concrete, Reinforcement, Shuttering, Plastering, Walls, Joineries, etc., with Sub-totals and Grand totals.

e-Doc Manager with e-Binder

  • Detailed Report Generation on Analysis and Design.
  • Generation of Quantity Estimation Reports.
  • An innovative and powerful feature to combine the various Analysis, Design & Estimation Reports, as specified by the User, into a Single Reference Volume which can be printed as well as exported to various file formats.
  • Print Preview feature for the compiled Report.
  • Easily Export Analysis Report to RTF, XLS, PDF, HTML, TXT and several other formats.
  • Easily Print part of whole of the Report with custom selection of different sections of the Report.
  • Single Tab and Multi-Tab Views for easy Navigation.
  • Report on Joint Displacements, Support Reactions, Member End Forces and Maximum & Minimum Force Envelopes for Primary Load Cases and Load Combinations.
  • Report on Absolute Maximum & Minimum Force Envelopes from all Primary Load Cases and Load Combinations.
  • Report on Live Load Reduction in Columns.
  • Design Reports on Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs and Staircases with references to all relevant Codal provisions.
  • Design Summary Reports on Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs and Staircases including Sectional Views.
  • Optional Headers & Footers with Page Numbering for Reports.
  • Facility to Save report in proprietary SCP format so that multiple reports can be opened and compared.
  • Facility to include captured Snap Shots of diagrams with respect to Structure Views, Bending Moment, Shear Force, Deflection or any other User-defined View.
  • Facility to Export Reports with or without lines for tabulation.
  • Project Report Cover Page customization with Company Logo.
  • Support for various Paper Sizes and formats.
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